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Welcoming the team at JANWO’s first ever Meet, Greet & Graze

 By Erin Czerniak
Community Involvement

Nearly 50 members of the JA community came out to MadAve’s Social Club Room Thursday, February 28 to enjoy a happy hour event to mix and mingle with the new JANWO team. We were completely overwhelmed with the turnout and the support that remains in the community for JA, our mission, and the students we...

Teens & Personal Finance Survey Insights

 By Hannah Henry
Work Readiness

A new survey by Junior Achievement (JA) and Citizens Bank shows that 63 percent of teens believe they will be financially independent of their parents by the age of 30, meaning that more than a third of teens surveyed do not hold this belief. The survey is being released in conjunction with Financial Literacy Month, which is April.The survey found that 74 percent believe they will own a car by the...

Middle Schoolers Milestones for Success

 By Hannah Henry
Financial Literacy

From the 6th grade to 8th grade, students are doing more than just preparing for high school; they are in the awkward stage of responsibility. Between the ages of 11-13, these students don’t have anything immediate on their radar making saving and budgeting even more challenging. This just means it’s the perfect time for parents and educators to motivate them to think...

Elementary Milestones for Future Success

 By Hannah Henry
Work Readiness

From Kindergarten to fifth-grade, most children do not have a clear understanding of finances or money in general. What they learn at this stage in life are concepts that will continue to build as they grow older. While at this stage in their lives, they don't have bills or loans to worry about, it puts their financial future on the horizon and gives them something to think about as they get...

Credit Card Crash Course

 By Hannah Henry
Work Readiness

Not all credit cards are created equal, which makes choosing one a difficult task.

As of March 2019, Americans paid banks a shocking $113 billion in credit card interest in 2018. While your credit card activities may differ from your colleague or classmate, one thing is for sure: understanding the way your credit card works is a crucial component to any credit...

5 Benefits of Hiring a Student Intern

 By Hannah Henry
Work Readiness

With summer on the horizon, high school and college students are already thinking about their next step: internships. While college students may be viewing an internship as a foot-in to a career after they graduate, high school students are seeking internships to discover what career path they may want to pursue in the future.The benefits of interning as a student are endless, but what do these...

Which Leadership Style Are You

 By Hannah Henry
Work Readiness

Not all leaders are the same. From school group projects to navigating through escape rooms with friends, your leadership skills evolve throughout life and will determine the relationships you have in and out of the workplace!

To better understand what type of leader you are, use the flow chart...

From JA Student to Volunteer Rockstar

 By Hannah Henry
Work Readiness

Junior Achievement (JA) programs are facilitated by local volunteers ranging from parents to business leaders. Each March, Junior Achievement presents the President?s Volunteer Service Award, which highlights the time contribution individuals representing their employers have given to Junior Achievement. While no volunteer experience is the same, Ericka Williams, a JA alumna and volunteer, gave...

Navigating a Multigenerational Workforce

 By Hannah Henry
Work Readiness

How many generational labels can you count? There's the "entitled Millennials", the "un-tech savvy Baby Boomers" and the list goes on and on. But did you know that each generation has something to offer to their team and to the company they work for?

For the first time in history, there are 4 generations working alongside one another. Each generation comes various strengths, but they also can...

Junior Achievement of Northwestern Ohio Receives $177,000 in Grants from Toledo Community Foundation

 By Erin Czerniak
Corporate Responsibility

We are thrilled to announce that The Boards of Trustees of three Toledo Community Foundation Funds have approved grants in the total amount of $177,000 to us here at...

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